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ipod transfer music to pc

iPod to Computer Transfer Tutorial – How to Copy Music or video from My iPod to a PC?

Not lengthy back, my tough generate crashed and together with it went my whole iTunes library of nearly ten,000 songs. At first, I panicked, then I remembered that the whole collection was on my iPod. Once i acquired my new Computer, I thought I would have the ability to set up iTunes and sync it back again. I used to be lifeless wrong.

media widget ipod transferIn its default setting, iTunes only allows the transfer method to go one way – from the personal computer for your iPod. In case your computer new music library is empty, it’s going to sync your iPod towards the empty library meaning every little thing on your iPod will be erased. Fortunate for me, I figured this out before I clicked the sync button.

Soon after I determined that this wasn’t an selection, I hit Google and began searching for options. I study quite a few tutorials for find out how to transfer the information on my personal. However, I used to be not comfy doing it on my personal. I have thousands of bucks invested in my songs library and I did not believe in my own capabilities to transfer the songs without having screwing some thing up.

I used to be relieved when i discovered a handful of programs on the market to help many people inside the circumstance I found myself in. I researched various with the applications and read critiques ahead of finally settling around the Lenogo iPod/iPod Touch/iPhone to Pc Transfer program or PC to iPod Transfer. There are actually many very rated applications available to obtain this accomplished. I chose this particular system more than the others considering that it provided a cost-free trial model exactly where I could check it out before buying it and considering the reviews were optimistic.

I used to be pleasantly surprised with how simple this program was to make use of. I downloaded the totally free trial and installed in on my new pc. I then linked my iPod towards the computer (shut down iTunes when it attempted to automatically load) and then ran the Lenogo plan.

Once every little thing was began up, I used to be in a position to determine all of the songs on my iPod via the Lenogo software program. I then selected all of the songs and selected a folder on my new laptop or computer where I desired them copied. About 15 minutes later, I was performed. I had saved all of my songs and now had them backed up to the newest personal computer.

Later on I reopened iTunes and imported all the new music in the folder I had saved the songs in and re-synced the iPod. It labored without a hitch. Should you obtain yourself in this situation, don’t sweat it. Your music isn’t forever missing!


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