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stopzilla is it good or bad

stopzilla is it good or bad

Secondly the unethical marketing tactics were not conducted by STOPzilla but by some affiliates. The most common one being malware infections that would redirect to STOPzilla’s website to download and buy it to fix the infections! STOPzilla quickly put a stop to this and banned all affiliates performing these kinds of marketing tactics.

The bottom line is that STOPzilla is a very effective anti spyware solution; its real time protection engine offers constant security against all forms of adware, spyware and malware. Regardless off the wild rumours the software itself is used worldwide and protects millions of computers.
Stopzilla registration key does however get the advantage when it comes to support and actually offers more options to get in touch with the technical team; whilst malwarebytes has support I found the options to be lacking when compared to Stopzilla. In all honesty there wasn’t much in it but even so, Stopzilla definitely gets the edge here.

The selling point is really in the fact that Stopzilla now offer virus protection within their software, something that malwarebytes don’t. This basically means that if you are running malwarebytes you are going to want to ensure you have an effective and up to date anti virus solution running along side it. On the other hand, Stopzilla can be used for total computer protection and doesn’t require you to have any additional software.

To stay protected you need an anti malware and spyware solution that will secure your computer from all forms of infection. STOPzilla are probably the biggest and most well known name in anti spyware and protect millions of computers worldwide.

What makes STOPzilla Free different from a lot of anti spyware and malware software packages is the real time protection engine. Essentially you don’t have to worry too much about running daily scans; instead STOPzilla acts as a shield on your computer and will monitor every single file and webpage that you access. With an enormous database of malware and spyware strings STOPzilla is able to detect even the most hidden of spyware forms and block them before they can wreak havoc on your computer.

Phishing sites, ‘drive-by’ downloads and other web exploits are the most common types of attacks that are mainly used to capture your financial details, most importantly your online banking usernames and passwords. STOPzilla protects against all of these and alerts you as soon as any suspicious activity is detected.



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